Kaido X GReddy Custom 510 Wagon - GPP Live Capsule - 25/25 SOLD OUT!


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25/25 SOLD OUT!

Releasing Wednesday, 10/28/2020 (* International Customers for this Capsule okay - see below) - 8:00pm Pacific Time

P/N 25801001 - KAIDOHOUSE X GREDDY X BOOST BRIGADE collab 510 wagon

There is a A and B side to the KAIDOHOUSE X GREDDY X BOOST BRIGADE collab 510 wagon; the graphics are asymmetrical! The body is deep black with white, silver and gold graphics, unique to this GReddy collab, with hand painted details. It is also packaged in a KaidoXGreddy retail box.  This custom is licensed and approved by GReddy and will be available exclusively on the www.shopgreddy.com site, along with the capsule collection for GPP LIVE 

    * Limit one per customer for this exclusive item!

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Jun Imai of Kaido House Garage has teamed up with GReddy/GPP to launch a KAIDOXGREDDY capsule collection. The masterpiece in the collection is a custom run of 510 wagons, built by Jun in the KAIDOHOUSE fashion. This custom features an all new KDO x GReddy X BOOST BRIGADE livery made just for this project. All pieces include a KDO spec Coval Displays case, are individually numbered, and come with the KDO tag using a JDM GReddy zip tie. It also has my new hologram seal and will be signed by Kenji Sumino, the president of GReddy, and myself. This, along with the rest of the capsule will be available on the shopGReddy website on 10/28. If you’ve been waiting for a 510 wagon custom drop, you don’t want to miss this one!

Watch GPP Live, Thursday Oct. 29th on the GReddyPerformance Facebook page for more exclusive offers...  

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