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[Product Features]
Rechargeable glowing LED keychain with micro carabiner .
Comes with a USB charging cable, so you can use it repeatedly if you charge it. (Continuous lighting time: about 4 hours)
*Please use a 5V1A power supply when charging. Using a higher output power supply or quick charging may cause malfunction.

When you turn on the switch on the side of the center button, a mode in which 7 colors are switched by slow blinking begins.
Next, press the center button once to switch between 7 colors with a quick flash.
By pressing the center button further, it becomes a single color lighting, and each time it is pressed, it switches in the following color order.
After the 8th time, it will return to slow blinking.
(Color order: blue → green → red → light blue → yellow → purple → white)

【Product Specifications】
・ Acrylic body: H75 x W30 x T5 (mm)
・LED color: 7 colors (blue, green, red, light blue, yellow, purple, white)
*There is no waterproof function.

[Product configuration]
・ Key holder body
・USB charging cable

p/n: 18001842

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